Saturday, March 31, 2012

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Home, Sweet, Snowy, Home

We are officially home! And, believe it or not, we are very, very happy to be home in the snow. Although, the word snow almost sounds too harsh for the 52 degree afternoon we had playing around in this wet, sometimes-edible goodness :) Tell experienced his first snow buffet, and seems to like it just as much as Ever did and still does.

What a beautiful place to come home to, we are so very thankful. Now we only have to get the inside of the house to some semblance of sanity and order and we will be set. I'm looking forward to sharing more vacation photos soon, but in the meantime ~

::Latest family photo taken by Aunt 'Teph in Port Royal, Florida::

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Oh boy. I pulled up my page for the first time in six weeks and saw that super sad picture of Ever when she was sick. Tugs at my heart, that picture.

Thing is, she's sick again, along with Bmen. Right now we are in beautiful Naples, Florida and we have two more days before we fly home. I'm really hoping she can kick it before we fly again.

Man, oh, man... we are lucky ducks. So many beautiful sights we've seen, so much fun has been had, so many friends and family hugged, so much good food taken down, so much LOVE felt. We gorged ourselves on fresh fish and sunshine in Crooked Island and are planning on doing the same with fresh fruit and play time with Aunt Steph here in Florida.

Our iTouch and Blogger don't seem to like each other, so I won't be putting pictures up for a while, but trust me, I have some goodies.

Florida has been such a treat so far. We started out with a surprise upgrade to a Dodge Grand Caravan at the car rental -- thank you Alamo -- saw alligators, deer, an orange grove, and "Watch for Panther" signs just on the drive to Naples. Birds, birds, and more birds everywhere. Beautiful! We keep our eye on the resident gator that lives in the pond in Steph's backyard. Today we went to the beach and you would never have known that Ever & Tell had just spend the last four weeks at a beach, they were so excited :)

Can't wait to post some pics soon. Lovin' this life .... xo