Friday, September 20, 2013

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Comings & Goings.

:: Photo taken by my good friend Ashley ::

We've had quite a month, these (3!) kids and I :)  Since I last wrote we've had quite the adventures and seen all sorts of wonderful people and amazing sites...

The space between fishing and hunting season seemed unusually short this year, even though it wasn't.  Is that the way it goes with age?  The earth spins at a faster pace than when you're young?   Tomorrow is the last day of moose season and we are ALL ready.  Yesterday, Johana and I packed up the kids (... and a rooster for trade ... and two dogs) to spend a couple precious hours with the Papa's up at Grizzly.  The boys and hunters headed back out for one last attempt yesterday evening.  In exchange for our hard-to-part-with rooster, we came home with a new little, beautiful hen to add to our flock.  We held her for a bit this morning and she was given the name Chalala (sp?!?!).  I voted for Pepper, but was outnumbered 2 to 1.

Before he left yesterday, Bry took the kids and I for a short flight.  There is never a bad season to see Alaska from the air, but fall is most especially beautiful.  The trees literally glow with color.  Oranges, limes, yellows, reds, a few pinks.  It's stunning.  I didn't take any camera along, so I'm sorry I can't share.  The kids were on cloud nine.  Tell came out of the plane saying, "Airplane!  Fun, fun!!" And he fell asleep last night saying the same thing :)

I'm hoping to post a few photos of this last month soon.  I'm moving a little slower these days though, as baby is due in only 24 days!!  Wish me energy please :)   xoxo