Monday, March 28, 2011

A Week in Review.

The last week was spent with a few days in Anchorage & Wasilla and a few days at home. I'm so glad we were able to fit in a quick visit to the zoo in Anchorage with Aunt Stacey, Aunt Jenny, and Hayden. It was lots of fun, but a little cold.

We also fit in some good times at Aunt Stacey's new house (someone wouldn't let me take any pictures of her .... just wait until that baby comes!), some seed planting, a quick check-in with my May baby (heart sounds great! 140 bpm), some knitting, and two birthday parties!

{Sharing some of Papa's birthday pie with Aunt Jo}

{Painting for Grama's birthday}

{So much stockinette stitch! Arggghhh ... more about this lesson later...}

::Today we're getting our second day in a row of BEAUTIFUL fluffy snow, so Diesel and I are headed out to enjoy it .... xoxo::

Saturday, March 19, 2011


"What do you put in french toast again??"
Happy weekend ....

Sunday, March 13, 2011


A few pictures to show you just what we've been up to this past week ...

Ever is still building some incredibly creative magna-tile towers.
Taking a field trip to the green house with Hayden.
Ever was pretty proud of her bath tub "decorations" and asked me to take her picture. I can't get enough of that squinty smile...
Another field trip to the hangar to practice on the tricycle, eat some peanuts, and check out Papa's progress.
I've been taking the Emergency Trauma Technician course out here this week. Ever got to practice taking her blood pressure and listening to her heart and lungs. She loves to hear her heart go "dook, dook".

In other news, I got my first major leg cramp/charlie horse of this pregnancy this morning at 6 o'clock. Bry had to massage it out for me as I practiced my labor breathing :) Ouch. Scary to think I still have two months of nights to go .... Today we're going to spend the day at home trying to get Ever back to feeling good. She is dealing with some serious dry skin and a pretty bad cold that I'm hoping won't lead to ear or eye infections.

Monday, March 7, 2011


A few techniques to consider when trying to get two 2-year olds to nap in the same small house, at the same time:

- Prayer, prayer, prayer ("Please, God, help them fall asleep.")
- A 1:1 adult to child ratio (Thank you Bmen.)
- Amazing Grace (Over and over and over and over.)
- Second adult pushing the truck down the driveway before starting it so as not to wake up the little rascals (Thank you again Bmen.)

Who's in control here??

I'd post a picture (they're so beautiful when they're asleep), but I'm scared to death they'll wake up after only 10 minutes!


Thursday, March 3, 2011


Bry was sweet enough to take pictures of Stacey and I this afternoon. We tried to get Ever in on it, but those didn't turn out so great. Stace is due on April 19th and I am due May 29th.

I haven't been very consistent with my blog, but I'm hoping that will change. Maybe by this weekend I can get my brain back and think of something meaningful to write here ...

In the meantime, try this yummy recipe. Messy but delicious. Stace & I made them today for lunch and they were lovely. Wish I had taken a picture to share, they looked even better than Giada's :)