Sunday, March 13, 2011


A few pictures to show you just what we've been up to this past week ...

Ever is still building some incredibly creative magna-tile towers.
Taking a field trip to the green house with Hayden.
Ever was pretty proud of her bath tub "decorations" and asked me to take her picture. I can't get enough of that squinty smile...
Another field trip to the hangar to practice on the tricycle, eat some peanuts, and check out Papa's progress.
I've been taking the Emergency Trauma Technician course out here this week. Ever got to practice taking her blood pressure and listening to her heart and lungs. She loves to hear her heart go "dook, dook".

In other news, I got my first major leg cramp/charlie horse of this pregnancy this morning at 6 o'clock. Bry had to massage it out for me as I practiced my labor breathing :) Ouch. Scary to think I still have two months of nights to go .... Today we're going to spend the day at home trying to get Ever back to feeling good. She is dealing with some serious dry skin and a pretty bad cold that I'm hoping won't lead to ear or eye infections.


  1. Wow, the snow sure looks deep!
    Magna Tiles are awesome! We just saw some recently and both Alex and I were impressed. They certainly look like lots of fun!

  2. Ever is the cutest ever....I love the squinty smile, too. Hope she is starting to feel better! Your photos are great. I think we may have to get some of those magna tiles? Very cool. Are you feeling good? Getting close to the end now. We got your card in the mail the other day!! It has joined the others on the frig...thanks so much!

    Love, Tracy (and Chuck, Jake and Max)