Saturday, May 30, 2015

Resurrecting the Blog.

Well, it's been a healthy six months since I've posted anything.

And I've probably lined out about fifteen blogposts in the meantime, mentally, that never were realized.

I've realized a couple things.  I've realized that Instagram has taken over the original purpose of this space, as now every one of my siblings and my parents are on Instagram and we can share each others lives there instantly and easily.  The second thing I realized though, is that I need this space for a different purpose.  I don't share everything on Instagram, it's just too much.  This is my journal.  This is my memory.  And another thing I've realized, is how very much I cherish these years and how very likely I am to forget the special moments that are gleamed from them.  Between the noise, and the busy-ness, and the tiredness, I'm working just to try and stay in the moment, let alone remember it tomorrow....

I finally got my big camera up and running again and taking clear pictures, so I'm excited to start collecting my favorites on here again.

This was a big week for us.  We had a new baby nephew arrive, Lucan Charles.  Tell turned 4, which flat blows my mind.  Seems like yesterday I was posting a picture of him with Bryan when he was only hours old....  And Ever had her LAST day of Kindergarten.

Ever was devastated that school was over.  She loves school and wanted it to keep going as it was forever and ever.  I know the feeling.  That dread of a chapter coming to a close and a new one beginning.  No matter how hard we cling, change awaits.  She had a good long cry over it, which I'm sure is not the last, and sometimes that's just what we need to do.

Tell cracked us all up with his dinnertime prayer a couple nights ago:  "Dear Lord.  Thank you for --- what's Aunt Jo's baby's name again?  ... Thank you for baby Lucan Charlie.  And his poop's yellow, and that's silly.  And thank you for Baby Leo.  And thank you for ..."

So sweet.

So very sweet.

::Sweet Little Leo:: 
::Grampa Chuck with Baby Lucan Charles::

:: Ever First Day of Kindergarten::

::Last Day of Kindergarten:: 

::With her teachers::