Sunday, June 8, 2014

My Boy.

:: Love at first sight. ::
:: ONE :: 
:: TWO ::
:: THREE!! ::
photo taken by my friend Adriane Honerlaw 
"I'm three!  I'm three!!"  Thus began Tell's third birthday. He sat up in bed and proclaimed to the world, that he is in fact a whole year older, overnight.  

This boy.  Has me on my knees -- thanking God for his sweet little life intertwined with mine, praying for the energy to keep up with him, asking for wisdom to raise him right and protect him.

He loves his sisters.  
He adores his Papa.  
Everything has an engine for him.  He is constantly making an engine sound, sometimes he's not even playing with anything.  He just is an engine.  
He fixes things.  
Loves stories and lights up at the promise of a new book.
He attempts to drive anything with wheels.
Not at all a surprise, he is infatuated with airplanes.  
Loves his bike.
He's my eater.  Gets serious about food.  An empty plate has brought him to tears before.  That last bite can be a stinger, I feel your pain little one. ;)

Here's to you Tell, my little light-filled ginger -- I love you, I love you, I love you and wish you 100 more birthdays!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Conversation with Ever.

Tenderheart.  That is my girl.  Tender, gentle (mostly), and a bit of an old soul...

Last night she wanted to look at some of my jewelry hanging above the cupboard.  She loves the sparkle.  We went through it and I told her about each of the things hanging there.  I told her she could have anything of mine she wanted, except for my wedding ring.  She talks about me "donating" my things to her.  Been around for a few closet cleanings, I guess ;)  Anyway, I said of course I would donate my things to her.

Then she says, "Can I have your wedding ring when you live inside my heart?"

Huh?  Goodness.  "Well, of course you can.  You or Isla or Tell."

Within an instant she goes from the joy of "yes" to the sobbing, wailing tears of losing her Mama someday.  I mean she cried - hard - for half an hour.  And let's not kid ourselves, I cried a little too.  This tenderness did not show up out of nowhere.  And while we're at it, her Papa is no hard-hearted figure either.

Anyway, we were a sight to see.  Bry was so confused.  And then he wasn't when I told him the conversation.  He knows his little girl.

That girl carries my heart around in her pocket.  I told her I hope she will always love me this much.   And she answered, "Of course I will."
Crossing my fingers and praying every day...
:: Ever and "Tell" the (hopefully) hen, so named by Tell the boy :) ::