Sunday, June 8, 2014

My Boy.

:: Love at first sight. ::
:: ONE :: 
:: TWO ::
:: THREE!! ::
photo taken by my friend Adriane Honerlaw 
"I'm three!  I'm three!!"  Thus began Tell's third birthday. He sat up in bed and proclaimed to the world, that he is in fact a whole year older, overnight.  

This boy.  Has me on my knees -- thanking God for his sweet little life intertwined with mine, praying for the energy to keep up with him, asking for wisdom to raise him right and protect him.

He loves his sisters.  
He adores his Papa.  
Everything has an engine for him.  He is constantly making an engine sound, sometimes he's not even playing with anything.  He just is an engine.  
He fixes things.  
Loves stories and lights up at the promise of a new book.
He attempts to drive anything with wheels.
Not at all a surprise, he is infatuated with airplanes.  
Loves his bike.
He's my eater.  Gets serious about food.  An empty plate has brought him to tears before.  That last bite can be a stinger, I feel your pain little one. ;)

Here's to you Tell, my little light-filled ginger -- I love you, I love you, I love you and wish you 100 more birthdays!

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  1. THREE!? How is that even possibly?! Time sure flies... What a cutie pie-such bright blue eyes!