Saturday, July 20, 2013

Loving lately ....

:: the fresh smell of rain ::
:: thunder ::
:: the way thunder reminds me of Nebraska ::
:: music ::
:: dreaming about beautiful things to make ::
:: dreaming about things to do ::
:: the way our little rooster lets Ever come right up to love on him and scold him for pooping on the ramp :)  ::
:: the rainbows of colors hiding in the ducks' feathers::
:: how Tell tries to say everything his Papa says ::
:: Tell's red hair and dimpled smile ::
:: the way Ever has been loving the bikes lately ::
:: how Ever names her strider bike moves (the princess, the ballerina, & the strider glide) ::
:: the way this baby's been rolling around so big in my belly ::
:: the way brother and sister talk and kiss and love on baby so much all ready ::

:: this guy ::
:: so much ::

:: boy are we glad to have him home ::

P.S. Thanks for snapping these pics, Aunt Jenny!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Girl.

It's not uncommon for Ever to ask me to do things for her all day long  after she goes to bed.  Like, "Draw me a picture of an eagle tonight"or "Make sure you come sneak in after I fall asleep."  Today she brought me a little bouquet of flowers from the garden.  She made a special point of telling me it was because she loved me and you do nice things for your friends :)  She then asked me to pick her some flowers after she went to sleep.  When I went out to close the greenhouse up tonight I picked her some petunias, a lavender, and some verbena.  I put them in a tiny glass pitcher we pilfered from Omi on the last trip home and I snuck in to put it by her bed.  As I was leaving she rolled over and looked at me.  When she noticed the flowers her face broke into the biggest, warmest smile ever.  
It melted my heart.
Sometimes I worry that our kids feel too special.  They are so, so loved by their family and friends.  But it's times like this that remind me that you cannot love a child too much.
I know this isn't the most exciting write-up in the world, but I wanted to get it down for my own memory more than anything.  I never, ever want to forget that genuine smile and gratitude in her eyes.
We've had so much fun, this girl and I.  We definitely have some long days around here, but I'm so very thankful for quiet moments such as this that truly restore a tired Mama's soul.

:: Ever's first trip to Homer with Aunt Stacey, Omi, & I when she was 7 months old ::

Monday, July 1, 2013


This last weekend Jenny & Randy came out from Anchorage to do a little camping and invited us to join them.  Originally, we were all going to go up to a lake a few hours away.  But as we were driving out of the warm sunshine and in to cold rain, we decided to follow the sun.  We ended up just a few miles up the road at Sourdough Campground.  
It was wonderful.  Just right for our first camping trip without Bry.  We got to wake up somewhere new, hang out with family, the kids rode their bikes, the dogs got wet, and the kids even got to catch a few grayling.  I'm excited to hopefully take a couple more short little overnight trips with the kiddos.  It's so much fun to sleep under the stars midnight sun :)  Even if there isn't a whole lot of sleeping going on .....
Camping also made me miss Dad sooooo much.  
I remember when we would go camping as kids and would wake up to Dad 
frying potates, making pancakes, washing dishes...  I don't know how you had so much energy??
 Looking forward to you coming up here this fall and giving me some tips ;)

Fun fact: the bridge you can see in the background is the Pipeline.

Cousins - Asher, Rowan, Piper, Ever, Hayden, & Tell

Where are we??
Our tent.  Jo's bus.