Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tell's First Flight.

He flew in a jet to Nebraska this summer, but this was his first flight in the airplanes at home.
A special day...

The question is: Is he hooked for life??

Friday, October 28, 2011

As if I needed....

another reason to be on a computer...


Just have to close the window.
I'm tellin' you.
Don't say I didn't warn you.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Bulky Mittens, Owl Mitts, Baby Bella Mittens

A few projects off (mostly) of the needles. And just in time too...

It is officially a winter wonderland out here. Ever is most definitely a winter baby. She has, from a wee babe, loved to eat snow and the tradition continues another year. She just eats, eats, eats and then wham! - "I'm cold!!!"

She's a smart girl and I've tried to explain the connection to her. I guess it's comparable to me, chocolate, and a stomach ache? We never really do learn, do we...

I'm trying to finish up some "Fat Baby Booties" :) for Tell. Then he can quit wearing Ever's cotton gloves or flower-beaded moccasins when we go on walks. Poor kid. Like we didn't know winter was coming in Alaska... I'm also hoping to finish up a scarf for myself before I start in on this for Josh:
Holy smokes. Wish me luck...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Fishing.

Notice I didn't say Fall Catching ;)

So, it's embarrassing, but I'm pretty sure I casted my first (and probably last) line of the year yesterday and it's the middle of October! This is only embarrassing if you factor in the rivers that I live in such close proximity to that are full of salmon all summer. In my defense, rivers + small children = scary.

Bry and Ever swung down by the river while out on a drive and saw a bunch of grayling hanging out by the new ice that's forming. So they came home for me, Tell, and the fishing poles. We gave it a shot, but I caught nothing except ice.

Ah well, it was fun anyway. There's always next year...

Monday, October 17, 2011


I realized the other day something about parenting that took my breath away...

There have been many times over the years when I've been upset and arguing with Bryan and as I'm talking there is a tiny, tiny voice in my heart saying, "You should be telling this to yourself." There's a psychology term for it. What is it... what is it... I can't remember.

Anyway, this feeling reminds me of that feeling. As we are struggling with certain behaviors in Ever, I have realized that as my child she has also become the most brutally honest mirror of myself. If I am honest with myself, I can admit that she has learned most of her behaviors from me, and that includes the bad ones. I see my temper in her. I see my lack of patience in her.

Unfortunately, when God handed me this beautiful child he didn't hand me an extra gift of patience or extra wisdom. I am working on that and praying for it.

In short, I guess I feel that (if we are lucky) we are given children, but we must become parents.

Lord, help me ;)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Grampa took this picture of the frosty kale when we were digging up the last of the potatoes and carrots.
So I can't really say much about what we did do on "no web Wednesday", but I can tell you what we didn't do and that was nap...

And as I was elaborating to Ever about how hard it would be on her if she didn't nap (how crabby she would be et cetera...) I realized that I was actually talking more about myself than her. The absence of her nap was definitely harder on me than her. What is the word for this? Irony or no??

Anyway, right now I'm craving...
:: movement
:: progress in our house coming into some sort of non-chaos
:: salmon benedict from Snow City Cafe -- weird because I've never even had it?!?
:: coffee every hour of the day :(
:: a doctor that I would trust taking my kids to
:: sleep

oh, and more time in the day because I just received this HUGE box of lovely yarn from a friend and it's been sitting by the bookcase whispering at me ....

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New routine.

Tomorrow I'm going to try out a new thing I'm gonna call "No Web Wednesdays."

No computer. All day.

Turnin' it off.

Don't ask me to look at something. Especially you Bmen.

Can't wait to see all the other things we are going to do instead of Googling.

Going to have to get out the trusty ol' pen and paper to make a list of all the things I'll want to look up on Thursday ;)

By the way, the new chairs Uncle Josh brought to Alaska with him are getting the thumbs up. LOVE them.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Cake and A Conversation.

Well, after much waiting, IT'S A....

We will be joined by a new nephew sometime around the New Year. Yay!

And, the Ever conversation of the day:

Me: Ever, if you don't shape up, you won't get any stories or books at bedtime.
Ever: I'm like a magna-tile. I shape up.

Seriously??! Who is this kid?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Wedding.

Sorry. No pictures yet. I actually didn't get my camera out the entire weekend. I did however, want to make myself a short list...

Don't Forget:
1) How very, very, very beautiful my sister looked.
2) How incredibly beautiful my mom looked.
3) The sweetness of fathers and daughters coming down the aisle (Bry & Ever, Dad & Stace)
4) The flowers. Exactly what we had pictured in our mind came to be ... incredible.
5) The joy of having both Bry's family and my family together. Love it. I'm so thankful for everyone that came.
6) Jose's dance moves. I had no idea...
7) Josh's dance moves. This I have seen before, but it gets me every every time.
8) Jose & Josh DANCE-OFF.
9) Jon's dance moves. Yes, you heard me right.
10) Thinking about dancing with Jenny at the bar years ago and how fun it was to dance with our babies now.
11) Getting to dance with Bry again...
12) The music Stacey & Jose chose. So many good ones. This song will always tug at my heart strings and give me an image of my sister walking with Dad in her white dress and her bright orange bouquet, Dad looking dapper with his handsome tux and spider-mum boutonniere.
13) The pure feeling of LOVE.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Future Cage Fighters??

Welterweight Owens vs. Heavyweight McMahan
Round 1