Friday, October 14, 2011

Grampa took this picture of the frosty kale when we were digging up the last of the potatoes and carrots.
So I can't really say much about what we did do on "no web Wednesday", but I can tell you what we didn't do and that was nap...

And as I was elaborating to Ever about how hard it would be on her if she didn't nap (how crabby she would be et cetera...) I realized that I was actually talking more about myself than her. The absence of her nap was definitely harder on me than her. What is the word for this? Irony or no??

Anyway, right now I'm craving...
:: movement
:: progress in our house coming into some sort of non-chaos
:: salmon benedict from Snow City Cafe -- weird because I've never even had it?!?
:: coffee every hour of the day :(
:: a doctor that I would trust taking my kids to
:: sleep

oh, and more time in the day because I just received this HUGE box of lovely yarn from a friend and it's been sitting by the bookcase whispering at me ....

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