Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Fishing.

Notice I didn't say Fall Catching ;)

So, it's embarrassing, but I'm pretty sure I casted my first (and probably last) line of the year yesterday and it's the middle of October! This is only embarrassing if you factor in the rivers that I live in such close proximity to that are full of salmon all summer. In my defense, rivers + small children = scary.

Bry and Ever swung down by the river while out on a drive and saw a bunch of grayling hanging out by the new ice that's forming. So they came home for me, Tell, and the fishing poles. We gave it a shot, but I caught nothing except ice.

Ah well, it was fun anyway. There's always next year...

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  1. Poor Justin didn't get out at all this year. Just too busy with Miss Merri into everything. I'd say next year, but then we'll have two! :) And we have that enormous puddle just 3 miles east of us. :)