Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Wedding.

Sorry. No pictures yet. I actually didn't get my camera out the entire weekend. I did however, want to make myself a short list...

Don't Forget:
1) How very, very, very beautiful my sister looked.
2) How incredibly beautiful my mom looked.
3) The sweetness of fathers and daughters coming down the aisle (Bry & Ever, Dad & Stace)
4) The flowers. Exactly what we had pictured in our mind came to be ... incredible.
5) The joy of having both Bry's family and my family together. Love it. I'm so thankful for everyone that came.
6) Jose's dance moves. I had no idea...
7) Josh's dance moves. This I have seen before, but it gets me every every time.
8) Jose & Josh DANCE-OFF.
9) Jon's dance moves. Yes, you heard me right.
10) Thinking about dancing with Jenny at the bar years ago and how fun it was to dance with our babies now.
11) Getting to dance with Bry again...
12) The music Stacey & Jose chose. So many good ones. This song will always tug at my heart strings and give me an image of my sister walking with Dad in her white dress and her bright orange bouquet, Dad looking dapper with his handsome tux and spider-mum boutonniere.
13) The pure feeling of LOVE.

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