Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I've been wanting to take another picture to show off the baby's progress, but just haven't got up the nerve enough to do it... Soon. Real soon.

Other than counting the days, we've been keeping busy around here. Bry is making lots of progress on his airplane. Ever and I have been busy keeping each other company :) Baking and reading and doing whatever else suits the day. Yesterday we got to go on a flight with Bry which was super special for us. Ever has been a little scared of going in the airplane, so I was glad to get her up in the air -- promising that we'd see moose, and bear, and cats?!? That last one was her addition. Although we saw none of those three, we did see a coyote.
And remember Jo and I's goal to cook through Nigella's cookbook? I, unfortunately have been off the radar lately, but just this weekend decided I needed a cinnamon roll. Lucky for me, Nigella has a couple recipes in her book, one of which is for Schnecken (meaning "snails"). They were delicious! I have other recipes for cinnamon rolls, but this goes down as my closest to the good ole' Cinnabon gut-bomb that everyone succumbs to at the airport. Wonderful when that's just what the baby's calling for :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Learning Sweater.

Remember this? http://brighteyesinthemorning.blogspot.com/2010/09/happenings.html

Well, it's finally finished! And it has most definitely been a learning sweater for me. Bry's pretty sweet (although you can't tell by the picture -- that's his "I hate being on your blog" look)... Anyway, what did I learn?

**Surprise sweaters are a bad idea for beginners. I tried to sneakily finish it in time for his birthday without telling him, and this did not work out well. Constant measuring against the recipient should be done if possible. Otherwise you may end up with a sleeve big enough to fit the 700-pound man. This extra warmth is now stitched tidily inside :) I don't think that's a legit technique, but Bry doesn't seem to mind...

**I don't mind seaming as much as I thought I did. In fact I like it a whole lot better than hiding the strings.

**Knitting garments for grown adults should be saved for only the most special of special in your life. And you also need to factor in -- "Do they love me enough to wear this even if it looks very, very homemade and not very much like the picture in the beautiful book?"

If Bry is being honest about truly liking his sweater then I know it will be worn. Most likely, it will be worn for 35 consecutive days this summer under rain gear and will come home crumpled up in a plastic bag smelling like fish. That's okay because that's what it's for. xoxo