Saturday, July 20, 2013

Loving lately ....

:: the fresh smell of rain ::
:: thunder ::
:: the way thunder reminds me of Nebraska ::
:: music ::
:: dreaming about beautiful things to make ::
:: dreaming about things to do ::
:: the way our little rooster lets Ever come right up to love on him and scold him for pooping on the ramp :)  ::
:: the rainbows of colors hiding in the ducks' feathers::
:: how Tell tries to say everything his Papa says ::
:: Tell's red hair and dimpled smile ::
:: the way Ever has been loving the bikes lately ::
:: how Ever names her strider bike moves (the princess, the ballerina, & the strider glide) ::
:: the way this baby's been rolling around so big in my belly ::
:: the way brother and sister talk and kiss and love on baby so much all ready ::

:: this guy ::
:: so much ::

:: boy are we glad to have him home ::

P.S. Thanks for snapping these pics, Aunt Jenny!

1 comment:

  1. this is beautiful jack. love you all so much and so happy you have your guy back! hope you are doing well and feeling great... miss you and love you lots! xo