Monday, February 22, 2010

The Problem with Sweaters

I've been knitting now for almost a year and a half. I do ok. I almost always finish projects, imperfections included. (That way you know they're homemade, right?).

Anyway, I first planned to knit Ever a sweater last summer. I LOVE the pattern. It's so cute, called the Baby Sophisticate Sweater on Stockinette or the Grampie Sweater on Soule Mama. I was making really good progress until I realized that Ever had grown faster than I had knitted. I just finished it yesterday hoping that cousin Rowan might get to wear it a few times before he too outgrew it. As you can see, it is clearly much too small for my sweet girl ...

So, I decided I needed to find a new sweater for Ever. Jo bought a really cute book called 'The Expectant Knitter' while we were in Cordova last fall (and she was expecting ;)). This is called the Shawl Collar Sweater. This time we clearly do not have the problem of being too small. However, we do have the problem of having only one sleeve ... hmmm. If you walked through our house, you would guess that I kept every scrap of paper my hands ever touched. However, I cannot find the tag from this particular yarn. I'm hoping next time we go to Anchorage that I can go back to the store where I originally bought it and (crossing my fingers, saying my prayers) they will still have some left. Otherwise, we may have to get creative with this one ....


  1. They both look really good! And when Mom knits, and has mistakes that get knitted in, they are forever after referred to as "design features". :)

  2. Hey Jak ~ those look like really nice sweaters! I'm sure you'll be able to finish the sleeve on the shawl sweater so she can wear it ~ it looks so soft. Love the picture of Ever in the smaller one :)

  3. Love the pic of your little peach in the sweater belly shirt ; )