Friday, March 5, 2010

Hanging With Aunt Stacey

This last weekend we spent as much time as we could with Aunt Stacey. She'll be leaving next
week for Officer's School and will be gone for 6 weeks! Although we couldn't be prouder of
her, we will sure miss her ...

We were able to do a little bit of Skyping, a little bit of hiking, and a lot of playing :)

Ever has really been trying to talk a little more. She's even said "Papa" a couple times and makes a very clear effort to say "fish" when she wants some goldfish crackers.

She says "fish" a lot :)

She's been dancing up a storm, we see new moves about every day.

And this week Aunt Stacey helped her practice stacking (and knocking down) her blocks.

What a lovely, lovely week. I've rarely felt more blessed than I did this week.


  1. Thanks Jak. I had a wonderful week, just what I had imagined : ) . I feel blessed every time I get to spend time with all of you, reminds me of the biggest little reason I am here. I love you guys, I'll be seeing you soon...