Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Last Week ...

A busy one ...

Thursday I did the Overboard Fashion Show in Anchorage. Lots of fun and good nerves :) It definitely set off an immediate feeling of anxiousness about every aspect of myself. But it was so, so good to see so many friends there - beautiful people inside and out. Sorry, no pics personally, but you can look here for some taken by Shane Taylor.

Then Saturday we attended the wedding of a friend. It was beautiful, but just about the time the buffet line at the reception started lining up, Ever had had enough. So it was Taco Bell for supper on the drive home ... I have to say, I was pretty sad about missing out on the cake. But it was good to get home.
Easter was wonderful. We missed the sunrise service, but made it for the regular worship service. Ever looked like a picture of spring in her flowery jumper and glittery princess shoes. We all got a good nap in before dinner with the family and, of course, Ever's first Easter Egg hunt. It felt a little blustery and cold, but she seemed to enjoy it for a little while. She LOVED opening the candy-filled eggs (which Mama regretted not being more creative about filling them with something slightly healthier. Next year ...).

Anyway, here are some new pictures and I hope to put another video up soon. We were especially homesick for all the action in Nebraska. One of these years we need to come home for Easter instead of the winter holidays.

And here we are -- Wednesday already! April already! Yikes!

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  1. We missed you too! We'll try and get our Easter pics up so you can see them. Saige had a great time hunting for eggs. ;)