Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Well today is an exciting day at our house. We're getting filled up on propane, natural gas, and water. Yippee! We have been out of water since Sunday -- which is about as fun as it sounds. It's going to be like Christmas when that big water truck pulls up!
We're also putting the color on our house today too. Painting the house has been one of those projects that is long overdue ... I kind-of shoved Bryan into it (by buying the paint, starting the job, and then not being able to finish it.... a committed love at it's finest). I really think he's going to be happy he did it in the end though. So exciting!
The last picture is the yarn that will hopefully be transformed into a sweater for Bryan over the next few months. It is a truly lovely wool and I can't wait to dive in ... It's so hard to get a good picture of the two of them these days. I should've just photographed the yarn ...

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  1. I love it Jackie :) I can see the excitement in Bryan! Out of water since Sunday... Not Fun! You really know how to appreciate the small things in life there...... guess water & heat aren't "small" things though. We're proud of you & all you are accomplishing though. And helping coach Junior High girls too. Hope you have a good season. Keep the pictures & videos coming ~ I love checking in on you & watching Ever is really entertaining. Hugs & kisses to you all!