Saturday, August 6, 2011

Out and about around the house.

*the new deck!*
*Ever showing you the path through the garden.*
*Chamomile and the new "garden shoes" Bmen made for me :) ... he's hoping I quit wearing his sneakers.*

*flowering kale - beautiful*
*Ever showing us the greenhouse*
*Lily from last year - so glad to see it made it through it's first winter*
*searching for a pea in our tiny pea patch*
*Bry's trying to add to the lawn if the wind will let him...*

*beautiful nasturtiums*
*front porch lavender*
Taking some photos of the garden and greenhouse has been on my t0-do list for a while now. I am LOVING the garden and greenhouse. It is therapeutic for me to just go and be in them.

I really love the way the new garden layout turned out. It makes me excited to plant it again next year and learn from my mistakes. Because of our watering situation, I planted almost all my flowers into the garden so the watering would be in one location. I love it. And we're finally getting to eat a bit out of it. Unfortunately some of our favorites were also favorites of the wild critters too, so we didn't get to enjoy any strawberries, very little spinach, and very few peas. A fence is definitely on the docket for this fall or next spring ...

I think pruning the tomato plants is therapeutic for Bmen. That or maybe he's just hoping that one of these years he's actually going to get a red tomato out of the beautiful greenhouse he built...
Next on the to-do list:
- make up for the birthdays I have missed (sorry!)
- make some birth announcements for Tell (is 3 months too late?!?)
- upload Nebraska pictures
-buy Nebraska pictures
- finish the house de-cluttering we tried to start
- finish a "weekend" project that is 3 (or4?) months in the making
- try to muster up some energy to enjoy these last days of summer....
Wish me luck! xoxo

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