Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Thoughts.

Well, it was an unexpected sort of Easter around here.  Blessed as Easter will always be, but not the day I was expecting ...

:: Had the rip-off of the year when, after a day-and-a-half of build-up, I opened our Paas ‘VOLCANO EXPLOSION’ Easter Egg Dyeing Kit to find out it consisted of five crayons and a crayon sharpener.  What a crock.  We went old-school and dyed our eggs with food coloring which seemed to do the trick.  Next year I’ll know to read the box closer instead of just looking at the awesome picture on the front.  The kids had fun with Grama and we ended up with some pretty eggs.

:: Sunrise service on the bluff was beautiful, even if we missed the first half of it.  The kids looked wonderfully handsome and I didn’t take a single picture :(  Maybe someone else will have one and share it.  Tell was able to don his new vest that I finished up and Ever helped me sew the buttons on last night. 

:: Brunch at the church was fun and delicious.  We were so happy to see Tell eating finally.  He hadn’t had much appetite since being sick on Thursday with Papa….
Unfortunately, everything Tell ate came up and out during his nap time.  After being thrown up on three times, I decided Tell and I would sit out the family dinner and Easter egg hunt.  Ever had a super time with her cousins though and I got a to-go meal when she came home. 

: Tell's new "Pebble" vest and the next yarn up on the chopping block :
:: I’m still trying to work out how I feel about the Easter Bunny's role.  I have a hard time making room for another Santa, which it appears he may be for some?  I made up Easter baskets but told the kids they were from Mama & Papa.  I thought the bunny hid the eggs??  Now all night Ever has been asking when the Easter Bunny is going to come.  I think we’ll just hash it out next year and I'll be more prepared….  Tell also already swallowed a marble and Papa is hard at work on the model float plane that was in his basket.  

:my favorite detail, a very unexpected find in the Narnian cupboard of crafts:

"Look Mama, take our picture!"

He Is Risen!


  1. Ha!!! Your "Volcano Explosion Kit" made me laugh-that's pretty funny. I'm sure you couldn't have rounded up any old crayons around your house.... ;)
    I'm with you on the Easter bunny. I'm feeling like it sort of creates a huge distraction as far as what Easter really is. Too bad every adult under the sun asks your kids "Is the Easter bunny going to visit you?" Geesh.

  2. Man, Ever and Sandy look like twins in the first picture?! She's growing up so fast.