Friday, May 24, 2013

More birds.

More bird stuff around here ;)

With the crazy weather we had this May, Alaska (and probably other places I'm sure) experienced what they call a "fallout", where a lot of the birds that would normally fly right over our area during migration, ended up taking a break from the weather and stopping over here.  It was crazy for a little while!  There were birds everywhere.  And they were acting crazy.  Our house was overtaken by the little woodland birds because they had nothing to eat.  At first it was interesting and kind-of fun, but after a few days it almost felt like a rat invasion.  And they were smoking through the bird feed and stealing all the chickens food ....  Anyway, if you are interested in birds at all, this is an interesting article about it.

:: getting a "birding" lesson from our local expert and neighbor :: 
:: May 13th.  New Snow :( ::

:: Sparrow invasion during the "fallout" ::

:: The two baby chickens and six baby ducklings from Grama's classroom hatching ::
On Tuesday, we went to the school and picked out our baby ducklings.  I had only planned to bring home four, but they were all so cute and different!  We ended up with six :)  Let me see if I can name the ones above, from left to right ... Moses (all black), Katniss (the chick in the front looking at the camera), Perry, Sunny (Sunnie, should we name it Sunny or Sunnie??), Bravery (the light chicken in the back), Alice, unnamed for Bry to name when he gets home, and Leggings. :)

:: "Leggings" -- notice his pants and orange shoes? ::

:: Letting the ducklings explore and go for a little dip ::

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