Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bird's Eye View.

Bry played around the other day strapping his GoPro to the airplane.  I love these videos.  The mountains he is flying in are the same mountains we look out to every morning from the kitchen windows.  Simply incredible .... I am always jealous of the country he gets to "work" in.  One of these days the kids and I will be grown up enough to tag along more.

We've been busy around here.  And when we're not busy, we're busy resting ;)  Baby is getting BIG.  And every day is one day closer to her arrival ... I can't wait.  Although, for the multitude of reasons any mother knows, I can wait.  I'm relishing these days that are fleeting and shortly to change.  Getting to feel her every move is such a blessing, every time.  These days with Ever & Tell, and who they are right now.  So lucky...

We've been gobbling up what little produce is coming from the garden.  Unfortunately, this year was a bit of a downer as far as edible goods go.  Ever did a lovely job on her flower garden though and her and Tell get so much enjoyment from playing in the garden that I definitely wouldn't call it a disappointment.  We've been canning and jamming and berry picking and freezing.  Kind-of surprising, but I'm still enjoying it :)  If I have any winners from the results I'll post some recipe links.

We might have some birds with stomach aches tonight...  Ever rang out a five-alarm scream tonight from the yard -- "The ducks are eating the moonflowers!!!!!"  Immediately followed by dramatic sobs and "They're going to get sick and die and there's no animal doctor here and where are we going to get them medicine?!?!?"  Her and I quickly ran out to scare them off and I put the pots up on the greenhouse deck (they were in quarantine because of aphids).  I also realized that the grown hens were eating rhubarb leaves that I had discarded this afternoon.  I don't think either one digested enough to keel them over, at least I hope not, or I will have one very sad "birds-are-my-life" girl on my hands.  

:: Ever feeding Georgia some scratch ::

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  1. I just showed Bry's plane video to Dave and he said that he is jealous. We both LOVED the part of him taking off with the perfect silhouette of his plane underneath. So cool!