Sunday, March 9, 2014

I'm still here.

My goodness, I missed the whole month of February!???!  Amazing.

I've been dreaming about a catch-up post for a while now, but life has just been busy and sleep has been fleeting.  So.... what has been happening:

1.) Isla went for her very first flight in the Cub!  I thought she had went on one before, but Bry says this was definitely her first.  We 'chased the sunset' as Ever and I call it when we go flying right at dusk.  So beautiful.  So lucky.

2.) We've played at home.  A lot :)

 3.) We've been learning about letters and sounds and reading.

4.) Obviously, it's not quite spring up here yet ...

5.) In January, we got to watch a dogsled race from our driveway.  So cool.  And cold.  The kids wimped out after about 10 teams.

6.)  This year our house has been Moose Central.  Lots of moose-watching out the windows and off of the deck.

7.) We took a quick flight to Chelle Lake, another first for the Isla bird.

8.) We took an impromptu trip to a yak farm in Kenny Lake with Grama, Aunt Jo, Rowan, & Asher.  So cool!  And we got to bottle feed this little out-of-season baby.  Tell was worried it wanted to eat him :)

9.) We had a party with friends and assembled birth kits and care kits that will be sent to mothers in Haiti.  Such a special time.

Let's see ... other happenings around here?  Tell has been asking for "fried on the egg" in the mornings.  We usually get lots of laughs from that kid daily.  Isla has learned a new "shriek" and has not learned yet how to sleep for very long.  Ever has become an incredible helper.  I hope this attitude, although unpredictable, sticks around.  She loves to help with anything I will let her.  We did get rid of our ducks and, although we miss them, it's incredible how much cleaner the coop is. The hens are laying regular and, after two years or so of arguing, Bry says I can keep the chickens.  Ha. Sigh.

Well that's our latest.  Here's to March ... xoxo


  1. Your little bowl of eggs makes me happy. :) What a beautiful life- so nice to get a little update- we think of you guys often.

  2. Jack -- I haven't visited your blog in such a long time -- mainly because for some reason my link to blogger and the notifications aren't making it way to my inbox...damn technology.
    I just love to eat about "your happenings" and the goodness that surrounds you! Your family oozes awesomeness and thank you for being the crafty self you are and writing to share with us all. Miss you!