Monday, January 11, 2010

Brrrr ...

Ever, Grampa, and I braved the cold today (32 degrees below they said!) to let Ever experience her first sled dog race. We drove to Tolsona to watch the first seven or eight finishers of the Copper Basin 300.

She loved the cold, loved the dogs, and loved the social action. Gotta keep that girl busy!

On a side note, Ever is gettting pretty good at saying "brrr" ...

Another side note, I tried to make my first apple tarte Tatin last night. I've been waiting months to try this recipe and it was --- disastrous. Granted, the power was out for part of the cooking, so we were in the dark, but I'm not really so sure that had much to do with it. I will give it a while and try again. Hopefully next time the puff pastry won't look like rectangles of flesh. Yuck.


  1. Try to remember how you do it, and make it for a Halloween party. Flesh puff pastry would be perfect then! ;)

  2. I love checking in to see what our little granddaughter is up to!
    Love seeing the pictures of her...and pictures of family and friends too!
    Thank you so much for the connection :)
    love, Omi & Opa