Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hence the name ...

It's been so dang cold up here, we haven't been doing many blog-worthy activities. The day-to-day keeps us busy though, and it's been a wonderful week. We finally braved the cold a few days ago to take a little walk outside ...

I feel so blessed to be able to look into these beautiful eyes every morning. She's been making us pretty proud with her walking, discovering, and learning. Right now she knows three signs: "more", "please", and "milk" -- we're working on "bird" and "finished".
By the way, we think of cousin Sunnie every time we think of beautiful eyes. We think of how beautiful and unique and so-very-special she is. Can't wait to see you again this summer and see your sweet peepers ...


  1. Oh my gosh, Ever's so cute! Her eyes look like little pieces of summer sky. Do you know when you'll be down this summer? Dunno how much travelling we'll be doing this summer, since I'm going to need a forklift to get up and down by that point, but we'll definitely try to get out and see you if you'll be out. :)

  2. Aunt Kay made a comment that will probably not show up on the right page. Just you have to look at the picture that she was walking one legged on a porch.