Saturday, May 15, 2010

My goodness.

There are a lot of cool blogs out there... Which means there are a lot of cool people out there. If only I were more social ... My blog list is getting ridiculously long though. I really need faster internet.

And now for some can't-help-myself-from-taking-their-picture favorites....

I recently found a little gnome in the forest where
we walk. She's just the cutest little hobbit. I think she was foraging for berries ... or rabbit poop :)

Ever has really become quite the Papa's girl. Her and I have been enjoying playing outside while he's working. If he happens to start his truck to go run an errand, her ears immediately perk up and she runs after him crying. Oh my. He just can't leave her in such a state, so he usually ends up stopping the truck and letting her tag along with him. It's really a sweet, heart-wrenching scene, but also one of those cute toddler things that will probably end up becoming a not-so-cute manipulative habit. We shall see. For now, it's just beautiful to see a little girl and her Papa so into each other.

The Gold Nugget Triathlon starts in less than 24 hours. Everyone pray that I don't end up in crutches. Why, oh why, don't I prepare for these things?!??!

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  1. No crutches! Have fun, but be safe!