Friday, May 14, 2010


Sooo, the painting got finished. Another lesson for me in the "less is more" arena ... I feel as if I liked it much better about two hours and one beer before I actually called it quits. C'est la vie ...

In the meantime, Bmen has been working non-stop on the greenhouse and it is coming along beautifully -- I am just itching to get all these little seedlings out of the kitchen and into their permanent home. Crossing my fingers that I'll actually be able to grow something worth eating after all his hard work. Time will tell!

Picture 1. Laying down the base pieces. (Johnny's in the picture too, practicing his landings and take-offs for the airshow.)
Picture 2. Finishing the deck/floor section.
Picture 3. The walls are up!
Picture 4. The trusses are up!

{On a sidenote, Ever has taken to the harmonica ;) Hoping to post a video soon...}
{On another sidenote, blogging feels somewhat like a winter pasttime to me. It's hard to sit at the computer when it finally feels sunny and warm ...}


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  1. The picture looks great! You are so very talented Jak. Ever're my favorite wild animal ; )
    Love Aunt Stace