Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Here's a few of the latest exciting things to come out of the greenhouse and garden...
:: we had one moonflower plant produce three blossoms. It was incredible. They were so beautiful and so fragrant ... and so fleeting. The three bloomed in succession, with each blossom only open for about 24 hours and then wilting. (It was a BIG bloom. That's my hand and I have large hands.)
:: one of my many favorites to watch progress this summer has been the italian romanesco in the garden. It is a relative of the cauliflower and it's a stunner. Not to mention it has a sweeter flavor than cauliflower -- definitely worth bringing back next year.

:: the radishes were a bit of a downer. Like Chuck warned me, most of them got worms. I've heard the worms aren't hard to prevent, I just have to get the right stuff to do it.

:: Ever's still getting her regular fresh-off-the-vine cucumber every few days and we've been snacking on more than our fair share of snap peas, which she's also loving.

Coming tomorrow -- faster internet!!!! Yay :)

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  1. Yah for faster internet! :) Hope that means more pics.