Saturday, August 21, 2010

One of those weeks.

The last week has just been one of those weeks. One of those weeks that goes by incredibly .... smooth. Things get done, things don't get done, life happens, life is simply felt. I don't really know how to describe it. I think it has something to do with the female cycle and hormones, but seriously, some weeks it feels as if we barely got through it. And others feel like they have just been blessed with grace and an intensity of awareness and emotions. Some highlights:

- Thursday was a day FULL of cooking. A long list and everything completed, including a pie that had a collision with a roast on the way to delivery. (See what I mean, some days that would have done me in ... not this week. Ke sara, sara.) And by long list, I mean:

  1. two meatloafs

  2. two roasts

  3. mashed potatoes

  4. baked potatoes

  5. fresh-from-the-garden salad

  6. giant-size lasagna

  7. banana muffins

  8. rouger cookies

  9. peanut butter cookies

  10. pluot-blackberry pie

  11. biscuits


- Thursday night brought a renewal in my appreciation of the nighttime ritual through teaching it to my daughter. I had completely forgotten how relaxing it is to take the time and put on your pajamas, brush your hair, brush your teeth, etc. It was unbelievably wonderful to teach Ever how to pull the stool over so she could reach the sink, brush her teeth with her Nemo toothbrush, fill the dixie cup with water, and spit over and over and over. I'm telling you. But then, even more special to watch her on the following night initiate the whole thing by pulling her stool up to the sink herself. Incredible. These small people are just incredible.

- Today was another beautiful, thanks-for-the-blessings day. We spent the afternoon with Jo & Rowan picking wild raspberries on a beautiful lot overlooking a stunning lake with a bluebird sky. Not another soul in sight. It was simply lovely. Tonight putting Ever to bed and singing to her, I couldn't help but see the blend of my sisters and I in her sweet little peach face. I can't explain it, it was just like looking in a mirror or looking at Stephanie or Stacey. Again, it was just incredible.

The simple life seems to suit us well.

Thanks for listening.

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  1. Holy cow! That's quite the cooking haul! Were you stocking up for something?