Friday, September 16, 2011

Yes, that's my garden. With a horse in it.

It's been a busy couple weeks and it promises to be a busy couple weeks coming up. I'm swearing to not leave Gakona for a month after October 4th ;)

What we've been doing...
::RV-ing. To Homer and back. Three super fun, super tiring, beautiful days with Opa, Aunt Stace, and cousin Oliver. Making internal promises to do this every summer....
::A trip to the salmon hatchery with Opa. All involved LOVED it -- including Diesel who got to try his hand at fishing for salmon which Ever thought was hilarious ...
::Ever's first ride on the train with Opa from Wasilla to Anchorage. Super special. Pictures to come later ...
::Thinking hard and trying to help with the upcoming wedding -- so exciting!
::Most importantly we welcomed a new baby girl into the world -- Piper Lynn Sherman. What a very special, special week indeed.

What we've got to do...
::Keep thinking and trying to help with the wedding :)
::Get back to the ultimate home makeover I desperately need to do since our baby Tell moved in with all his belongings.
::Fall bulb planting, cleaning up the greenhouse, digging up carrots, onions, & potatoes. All those fun outdoors chores.
::Get some baby girl outfits in the mail before 8 pound 13 ounce Piper outgrows them :)

But right now we've got to get some supper going, so I'll be off ... xoxo

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