Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Beautiful Week in Alaska.

Well, we had a beautiful week here with some very Alaska events:
::We had -30 degree weather
::We had 30 degree weather and finally got to enjoy being outside again!
::We had a day where it took Bry and I a couple minutes to figure out whether what we were looking at was the sun or the moon. Hmm... maybe says more about us than Alaska. Not sure.
::We had a small earthquake.
::We had moose wandering about.

It seems like I had more to go with that list, but I can't currently remember. As it is, I have a messy kitchen, piles of clothes to tend to, messes everywhere, and a cup of wine waiting for me. I realized as I typed that sentence that those are all blessings.
Thank you.

I just had to include this picture because so many parts of it make me giggle -- both of them trying to cram their little faces into the tiny mirror to see how cute they are, the bright purple princess dress and sweet lil' apron, the chubby little baby toes, and the wolf feet and tail that is like a third person in the picture.


  1. Look at those beautiful Alaska babes! I'm glad you posted...I was "this close" to emailing asking for an update ; )

  2. This post made me smile. I had the "sun or moon" moment recently as well.... I just don't think we see enough of the sun to be certain. :)