Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ramblings & Taylor Swift Wisdom.

That Taylor.  She's a wise old sage right?

Headed up to go raspberry picking I found myself actually listening to some of the lyrics of her song and words hit me at an impressionable time.  I was just feeling so in love with my children.  So thankful for them.  (Not that we didn't have our impatient moments today, oh we most certainly did.)  But in one of her songs she talks about "When everybody believed in you...."  And I thought, isn't that the truth?  When they're young we all believe in the possibility that they can do anything.

Seriously, I literally -- read as Chris Traeger from Parks and Recreation please :) -- believe that there is the possibility for them to do whatever their hearts desire in their future.  And I just set this little prayer in my own heart that I hope I can remember -- may I always, always feel that way for them.  May I not get bogged down by the world when it really matters to them.  I definitely received this kind of love from my own parents and hope I can pass it on to these little turkeys:

My warm fuzzies may have come from a conversation I had with Ever today at lunch about the northern lights.  (Which were out last night -- never ceases to be anything less than awesome.)

Ever: "Who makes them?"
"God does."
"Electricity, I think." (??!!)
"Where does God live?"
"In heaven I suppose.  I've never actually seen Him, just the things He does."
"Where is Heaven?"  (We are clearly in the "Why's", no?)
"Some people say it's above the clouds. I'm not really sure."


Ever: "I think Heaven is in our hearts too."

My heart literally melts.

"I think you are right my dear."  xo


  1. Look at those sweet, sweet babies. I miss you all. Thinking about being so far away gives me anxieties of missing the McMahan family. Ever never ceases to amaze me...