Monday, November 26, 2012

Moose be Christmas time...

I hate to admit that I fell for all the after Thanksgiving shopping shenanigans.  Via the internet.  But in my defense, there were some good deals out there!  Although, I must say that I think my blood pressure and anxiety levels suffered.  Next year I am Christmas shopping in March.  I love what I read on the last Life in Grace post:

I want to make memories that don’t involve shopping malls. 
I want to do less and be more.
Shall we start a revolution?!

We'll shoot for that next year.  Or maybe in the next few weeks.  Christmas shopping can be stressful, even when it's done from home.  I'm definitely ready for New Year's.  Definitely ready for a resolution.  Less computer.  Less phone.  Not necessarily less communication, but definitely an attempt to be more present where I am.

I'm real excited to find an Advent activity to do with Ever.  Definitely something focusing on the four weeks leading up to it this year.  Last year we did the 25 days and little gifts or ornaments, but I think she's old enough to start focusing on some of the meat and potatoes of the holiday and not just the sugar cookies. :)

Anyway, back to Christmas Lists.  My shopping list gets longer every year, and I am so very grateful for that.  It just means I need to get started earlier.  My own personal Wish List?  Well, that goes from 0-100 in seconds.  Here's the latest... except picture me.  With a top on, of course.  I really searched to find the best picture I could ;)  It's a long shot, but Santa did bring me a puppy in 6th grade and that was a long shot too. 

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