Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I'd been wanting to share a video of the daily dance parties that the kids do, and I've put one in here at the bottom.  I'm not confident it's the best, but I haven't got up the energy to figure out how to upload from our regular video camera.  It shows a lot of the good stuff -- Ever's special socks for her special move "the heel slide" that's just for Johnny Be Good (the socks come on and off in between songs).  A little of Tell's air guitar.  Tell can air guitar on anything, Bry says the best he's seen so far is Tell air guitar-ing a gummy bear.  They have so much fun.  Here's Ever putting on her Born to Boogie show for Grampa, which of course she would need her boots on for:

Yesterday I got some dahlia bulbs planted.  I know it's super late, but the company I ordered from wouldn't ship to Alaska any earlier.  They have the potential to be incredible.  I'm so excited because I've been in love with Alaska's dahlias since the first summer we moved here and I watered our friend Betty's incredible dinner-plate size yellow ones.  I planted sixteen different varieties and I have two hopes for them -- 1) that they actually bloom this year; and 2) I can successfully winter over the bulbs for next year.  Wish me luck :)

Love watching them dance ....

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