Wednesday, April 24, 2013


The constant sense to want to hold time.  To want to freeze time.  It's such a good thing, such a blessing.  I feel so fortunate to live a life with so many moments that I wish could last forever.

Lately we've been trudging through the last of winter hanging on as we daydream and prepare for our summer sprint.

We're loving the snow buntings (birds in the picture below) peeking in the windows everyday.

I'm loving the sweet and hilarious things Ever is coming up with daily.  Yesterday she said she's going to have three things -- a horse, an airplane, and a snowmachine.  Go for it, my girl.  Dream big.
She is loving her yellow cowgirl boots from Opa (one of these days I need to post a video of the dance party that happens at least twice daily).  Last week she was saying Opa made them from dragon skin and they were made in the USA!  I love the infinite possibilites in children's minds.  She seems to have a thing for cowboys as she was smitten with the last hunter who was here, a bonafide cowboy from New Mexico.  She had to wear her four-sizes-too-big boots up to Grama and Grampa's to show him.

The other day at the library with both kids I was struggling to get even a minute to browse the adult shelves for myself without a, "MAMA!" or "Peepee!"coming across the room.  I'd been craving something new to read and said a quick prayer that would God please lay something in my path.  As we went back to look at the cartoons and DVD's, I gave a quick 5 seconds look to the closest shelf and came out with this book:

Sometimes we simply cannot deny how God looks after us.  I just finished reading it today and most definitely came away with pearls of wisdom and breaths of encouragement.  Specifically for someone like me -- someone filling the often-times seemingly small role of mother/homemaker/housekeeper/maid.  A plan to see God's love and blessings in the every day and to acknowledge them.  It's worth your time, trust me.

Another very short read that is worth the click -- Starting your child's day with JOY
So simple, yet so very powerful and meaningful to anyone, but especially those small souls with big eyes and open hearts that look up to us.


::snow buntings out the kitchen window::

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