Monday, April 14, 2014

Lately 1.

So, I broke my phone last month.  Luckily I had insurance and just last week I got my phone back from being fixed.  Somehow, in the clearing and re-booting and syncing and linking, my phone linked up with my blog and all the photos I had ever posted on here are now on my cell phone.  It's crazy.  Bry thinks it's a little creepy -- all the syncing and linking that occurs without us really knowing it's happening.

Anyhow, it was such a great trip looking back at all those photos!  I love it and am so grateful for the peek back at the last four years.  I've gone in spurts of posting my very favorite pictures, sometimes frequently, sometimes not.  It really re-energized me to keep it up.  

Sometimes this blog is an outlet, other times I'm looking for advice, sometimes just sharing something I think is great, but most of the time it's simply a good old new-fashioned journal.  It helps me remember these "long days, but short years" and the fleeting stages these kids (and us, as parents) just storm through.  So without further ado -- here are more pictures ;)
:: My little Frida Kahlo ::

:: And here we are as Coolio and mini-me Coolio ::

:: Barefoot races on the ice. Love their in-sync stride here .... ::

:: Special trip to NE with Ollie, Stace, & Isla ::

:: Ready to eat! ::

:: Feed me! ::

:: Still ready -- sense a theme? ::

:: Isla and Sunnie at Omi & Opa's. ::

:: Miss these turkeys every day. ::

:: Sawyer loved looking at herself in the DSLR screen. ::
:: cuties. ::
I didn't take as many pictures as I normally do in Nebraska (Maggie, I didn't catch you once!).  But it was a short trip and I think I was just enjoying having a little more hands-free time since it was just Isla and I.  Looking forward to the kids getting to visit this summer, they were feeling so left out as you can see:
:: "Let me see all the kids." ::


  1. Enjoyed reading your blog & photos, Jacquie. Such beautiful grandchildren my sister has! Love your Tea Time party... great idea! As for sugar, my doctor has declared that I am free of diabetes. I lost 50# in the process of lowering my blood sugars & cholesterol by eating a "Very Low Carb Mediterranean" ... counting carbs instead of calories. After 2 weeks of no bread, pasta, rice, apples, or any other high-carb food, cravings for them simply went away. I'm still losing inches & weight, just not as fast as the first 2 months.

    1. Thanks Aunt Eva :) Wow -- good work!! That must feel so good, I would imagine. I think of you often and hope things are going well. Love, Jackie