Monday, April 7, 2014

These precious days.

A couple random pictures and a random thought put on digital paper.  

Read this today: here.

Totally resonates with me.  Really inspires me.  Could we ditch our television entirely?  I know that might sound crazy to some of you for exactly opposite reasons.  Ditch the TV? Easy!  Ditch the TV? Crazy!
I mentioned getting rid of the computer a while back and was met with a resounding, "N-O."

But really, what would we be missing without the TV?  It has become such a nightly crutch for my relaxation that I'm starting to wonder, what am I missing WITH the TV.  What would I be filling my time with if it weren't there?  Could I finally learn the guitar or uke?   Would I be knitting?  Would I be getting things done that instead sit undone, on a list, just the thought of them sucking my energy every day?  Would I take the time to become closer to Him?

I'm tempted, I really am.  Maybe the trick would be a trial run during the summer, while said opposer is away ;)  Although it would have to come completely off the wall.  Otherwise I'd be giving in within hours I'm sure...

Anyway, something to think about it. Simply because:

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