Sunday, February 6, 2011

I didn't watch the game, but ...

I did eat dip.

And I took a nap.

Integral parts of Super Bowl Sunday I'd imagine.

Some things we've been loving lately:

*MAGNA-TILES!!! They get brought out every day to build houses, towers, and designs on the floor and fridge. A wonderful Christmas present from the Rother's.

*Dierks Bentley new CD -- you should see her moves when they start pickin'! I'll have to video ...

*Our trusty little red sled.

*Playing with our seashells and treasures that made it all the way back to Alaska from our trip.

*And Mama loves her comfy new maternity jeans -- but not near as much as I love my GROWING belly.

Here's just a couple more favorites from our vacation file. Mom, you have to show Dad the one with her "little blue fish".


  1. Beutiful pictures Jackie! Maybe Alex will agree to skip his last semester of college and spend all our money in the bahamas...?! Sounds wonderful. :)

  2. That first picture in her little yellow dress is one of my favorites : )