Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kitchen Progress.

So this isn't one of those incredible -- WOW! -- before and after photos. It's definitely mid-project. But I promised Mom I would show her the floor and I was just so dang excited about taking 4 steps across the kitchen and not running into something ...

The only problem with taking a project one step at a time is that it gives you time to ponder alternate options. Our plan was to build a sit-in/bench table in the corner. But now we're not so sure. Maybe more cabinets and shelves would be nice?
P.S. Don't mind the clutter and mess everywhere :) Maybe eventually I'll have a real, bonafide, magazine-looking "after" picture to post...


  1. It looks good! I'm jealous; I can't wait 'til Justin and I can both be in the kitchen without running into each other. :)

  2. Nice floor!! Looks beautiful! Good job Bryan!
    Good idea to take your time and figure out what you really want & need.
    I'm sure you two will make this into a wonderful kitchen. I do agree though, lots of space to put things is important. And nice to see you have a table in your kitchen :) I'm sure you are enjoying that too.
    How does Ever like the change? More room to play right now?
    love you all, Mom/ Omi