Thursday, February 17, 2011

Random Tidbits.

Loving and/or inspired by:
  • Feeling the baby kick a lot! Baby seems to especially respond to Ever talking to it and blowing raspberries (or helicopters as she calls them) on my burgeoning belly.
  • This blog post. Seems so familiar to my thinking and my lists...
  • The way Ever randomly mentions Jesus on a daily basis.
  • Our new kitchen remodel that's in the works. Today the floor got ripped up. Tomorrow the counter is coming out. Progress!
  • Fresh Valentine's flowers in the house and a Christmas cactus that decided to hold out and be a Valentine's beauty too.
  • Baby crafting and birthdays coming up.
Confused by:
  • The marketing of baby DVD's when babies aren't even supposed to watch television before they are 2 years old.
  • The marketing of baby bath products when they really aren't that good for most of them either.
  • For the first time I like the way I look naked better than clothed. Very strange. Although I'm thinking maybe this is something common in pregnant woman and explains all the nude maternity photos women share?!? Hmm....
Sad about:

Sometimes the longing to live closer to my parents and family strikes real sudden and acute. It did today during Ever's bathtime. I guess I'm thankful for the feeling itself, glad to have a wonderful family to miss. But sad that I can't do much about it, at least for now. Maybe a long visit next fall will need to be pencilled in. Until then....


  1. i feel ya there friend. it's never easy to be far away from family, but lucky for you, you have such a wonderful little family of your own to keep you company and busy when you need it most. :) love ya!

  2. I will enjoy spending time with you soon!! Ever will get to know her Omi once again & we can read & read & read! Can't wait to see all of you :)
    love, Mom

  3. If you make it down, we'll definitely have to try and get out to see you and Ever and the newest little one! ;)