Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Documenting a growing belly and my beautiful girl ...

Loving life ... xoxo


  1. Awesome pictures Jackie! Was going to mention on the phone yesterday that I'd take some pics of you and Ever this weekend, but looks like you got it covered. xoxo

  2. BEAUTIFUL! I love the belly and adore these photos. You look amazing and ready to pop...and Ever is as cute as ever! Your tone sounds like you're really relishing these last days of her being an only child. I remember feeling so excited just before Max was born, but a bit sad, too, that Jake would have to share my attention from then on and that his little life would change so much, so soon. All for the better with the addition of Max, of course, but at the time I just wanted to soak up everything about my last days with Jake as my one and only. Looking forward to hearing news of the birth of your second...kisses to Ever and the belly!

  3. I absolutely LOVE the 2nd picture!!! So beautiful!!