Sunday, November 27, 2011

Catching up.

Even though we're still not gaining any ground on the sleep frontier, things are going good around here...

I'm nearly finished with one of my projects. And just in time, because my living room paint just arrived this weekend and I honestly can't wait to jump in. I actually have always liked the green color, but I think the grey will be a nice, fresh look. We can always accent with the green. I will have to wait to paint though, beings as the little ones don't want to smell paint fumes all week... babysitters (and Papa's schedule) must be arranged. My goal is to get it done really soon so it can be finished for the Christmas tree.

Today was a big day for me -- it's kind-of silly though. I finally caved this morning and painted Ever's nails. She was pretty excited about it at the time, but is already asking to have it washed off. She's growing so fast. I swear if Grama didn't have a job during the week, Ever would want to live at their house. She's already pulling away ... We took some videos of her reading with Papa but it's going to take a day and a half for me to upload and share them.

I've been fretting about buying/making Christmas stockings for the kids. My own memories of Christmas stockings were a good reminder that kids have no clue how fancy they are, and although the fun of "picking one out" is memorable, discovering what was inside them was much more fun. That said, I still haven't decided ....

On Saturday, Johana threw a fun little birthday get-together for me. She had beautiful sweet treats and a super sweet, homemade banner that said, "EAT CAKE". It was truly lovely. A good time with some wonderful women (and Tell, my go-to date for most events). We relaxed, ate, and swapped stories of children, births, husbands, and life. And I got to spend some time getting to know this little peach of peaches, my new niece, Piper.

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