Sunday, November 20, 2011


So it's a little funny when you've been up like eight times in the last ten hours to tend to a baby and you finally ask a special someone to take over and that someone says, "I've been up since 3:00."

That's funny. You don't look like you're up.


Good thing I listed to "Sugarland" Pandora station yesterday and all those good ole' country songs reminded me why I fell in love and started a family. It's a good one for that, really and truly.

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  1. Hey Jackie,

    Sleep, oh sleep don't we all miss it now and then?
    I remember those sleepless nights oh so well, even if my kids were getting up twice or once, I was still ready for a full night sleep.
    There is a great book that both my sister Alesha and I (along with a few of my cousins) have read and tried the things that they suggested. After we got past the newborn phase we kicked it in high gear with the sleep routine/sleep training. The were sleeping through the night on a regular basis by 12 weeks. The book is called "Healthy Sleeping Habits, Happy Child." And another was "Becoming Baby Wise". Maybe check it out, it may be worth your sleep. :)
    Hope you guys are doing well and enjoy the Christmas season.
    ~ Chelsey
    p.s. Love the gray color you have picked out. I think it will look classy.