Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Come along and spend 7 minutes with us....

It's long. It's messy. It's noisy. It's probably a video only their parent's can appreciate ... but maybe not :) But we miss you all so much and want to show you a couple personalities in bloom:

The following is from a blog that I check regularly, and it's like a Hallmark card for me. Christmas was a whirlwind, but it was so, so, so very special and this captures my feelings just right:

i want to linger here

....in the land of child-made jewels and glittery roof-topped house, minty candies and laughing family, surprises and silliness, singing with joy, and gratituous displays of generosity.

As these special days of the year pass us by, I find myself wanting to hold on just a litle bit longer. I want to linger in the love and light, and etch in my mind the memory of those faces, voices and the hearts behind them inthis moment of each of their lives.

This morning, I'm grateful for photographs - the ones on my hard drive and the ones in my heart - that help me linger in it all just a little bit longer. I hope you're finding ways to linger this week, too. Moving slowly, as we're able. Holding on, as we can. Noticing, embracing, lingering...


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