Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Solstice.

It's taken me 11 years, but I finally realize why Alaskans celebrate Winter Solstice. It's a big day. Tomorrow we actually gain some daylight. I can't wait :)

The day started out with an order for 'cones from Ever (scones). I sighed a heavy sigh, but went for it and the baking went surprisingly smooth. And I was reminded that all she needs is about 1/8 cup of flour and her rolling pin and she's happily occupied for at least 10 minutes.

Tell and I celebrated by first waking up at what would traditionally be the crack of dawn in normal parts of the world. This afternoon we got to take a short walk together. I really cherish our quiet walks, just the two of us. We have fun with Ever too, but it's a little less quiet if you can imagine.
The other pictures are of our latest visit to the hangar. (Especially for Opa.) Bry's plane is the pinkish one under wraps. So much going on in that place... Even Tell found something to do ;)

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  1. Congratulations on your 4th baby - beautiful Isla Skye!! ALL of your children are very beautiful family, Jackie. Reminds me how beautiful you were as a newborn - when I came to help your mother. It was close to my birthday. I have a new baby - her name is Silki (short for Milagre's Black Silk Lamborghini Uno) and she's a Portuguese Water Dog. She was 2 mo. old when I got her just before my birthday. She's now 14 wks old & almost doubled in size already. If you want to see photos/videos of Silki, just friend me on Facebook (Eva Cram with Nebraska skyscape).