Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cast your vote!


I want some.

I think.

What do you think?

Seriously... Give me some feedback here. A couple things to factor in:
1.) Bmen is not here June or July, so its just me and the tiny crew.
2.) Even while Bmen is here, he has vowed to have nothing to do with chickens.
3.) Bmen says I am on my own to build a coop.

What do you think? Can I do it? Should I do it?

Check out this incredible coop that is nicer than my house:


  1. I think that you should give it a year...see how your other endeavors for the summer turn out, maybe start building that incredible coop ; ) , and give Telly a chance to become more independent (and restful). Chickens in 2013 all the way!! Yikes, 2013, that sounds crazy.
    love you!

  2. Chickens are great, especially when they start producing eggs. Some of close friends have 50+ chickens and have loved it. Although, there was a really crazy rooster that crowed all day and would run after their 2 year old boy. Finally, Rocky, the rooster had to become dinner. I too would give it a year. Build your coop and enjoy Summer then bring home some chicks.

    P.S. You should post news when you hear that Johana and Johnny's baby has arrived. I keep watching her blog...

  3. Yes for chickens! Eggs aside, you would not believe the pleasure that comes from simply watching the chickens peck and scratch around the yard and interact. Ours bring a smile to my face every time I see them, they are so funny! The kids would LOVE them, and what a great thing to be exposed to as a youngster. Once the coop is built, keeping food full and water thawed (and of course the funnest part-getting the eggs!)is mostly all they require. If you choose a chicken tractor-style coop, you could also fertilize the garden area and make them earn their keep a little more. The coop without help will be a tough one, though. :) I highly recommend them to anyone at the Right time. To be honest, they will probably cost you a few dollars a month in feed, or only break even unless you get more than a few and sell eggs, or get multi-purpose birds for butchering, saving more money at the grocery store(but costing more time). The biggest benefit will be the education and pleasure the kids get from them, and possibly some giant veggies!
    p.s. Greg did not want chickens at first, and now he loves them...ya never know!

  4. I love chickens!!! We all know where eggs come from but it doesn't really hit you until you get to grab them-straight from the chicken for the first time! Its like a little miracle. As far as timing goes....thats up to you, but I'll help you build one! :)