Monday, May 21, 2012


It was a fun, out-of-the-ordinary weekend for me.  The triathlon was great -- really tough, but great.  Ten laps in the pool (much of it a sputtering backstroke), 14 miles on the bike, and a 4.1 mile run.  I don't know what place I got, but I finished in 1:49:07, which is not super impressive for "triathletes" but I am happy with it for me this year.  I completed the run without stopping, and as meager as that might seem, reached my goal.  The course was wonderful and the weather was just right.  Amen.

We got to play with Aunt Stace and Cousin Oliver on Saturday night.  And we got to go to the Super Fun Park ;)  in Wasilla on Sunday morning.  You can see below how much Ever liked it -- beaming.

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