Wednesday, May 16, 2012

An Impromptu Picnic

Today after we returned from bible study in Glennallen -- which was incredible by the way, more in a bit -- I dropped the groceries, grabbed some baby food, grabbed the ducks, found a blanket and we went out for a picnic.  It was a little tricky figuring out which to grab when, as I am not an octopus.  Vulnerable baby birds or bound-for-accident crawling child??  We figured it out though, and even found a second to race back to the house for a loaf of bread, cheese, and a camera.  Lovely :)

Bible study today was a DVD of Ravi Zacharias, part of the 'Is Faith Delusional?' series.  It was wonderful and I'm so glad I went.  This morning I was debating whether it was worth the energy since I would be taking both kiddos.  Well worth it.  He touched on the argument of chaos vs. intelligent design. I don't have enough time to make sure I am writing the right terms or to give it a deserving re-cap (or to make the photos the same size!), but just look at these images he chose to close with.

One is obviously a gorgeous stained-glass window, beautifully crafted by human hands.  The other is a cross-section of human DNA.  Can we really even begin to believe this complexity, beauty, and potential was born of chaos and evolution?  My heart and my brain say no.

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