Saturday, June 2, 2012

Airplane Fever.

Well, after a long winter of many, many nights burning the midnight oil, Bry has finished his airplane!  For now, I should probably add.  I would imagine these, like most things, are never quite completely finished.

But, last night Tell (in his crib) and I (on the deck) got the long-awaited buzz from the most beautiful, shiny Super Cub I have ever seen (of course my camera battery was dead).  Today, the kids and I got to go up in it with Papa and it was a wonderful ride.  Diesel had to stay home, but hopefully next time we will be flying somewhere fun and he will get to come along too.  I'm very thankful Johana was on it with her camera and took some pictures, because it is most definitely an important milestone for us and, most especially, for Bry.  He has waited a long time and worked very hard to reach this goal.

A congratulatory fist pump :)
Family pre-flight.
Ever told Papa today he was her best friend.  A real heart-melter, that one.  Although maybe she's just trying to butter him up so she can have the airplane....
Tell also got to break in a new airplane today -- a birthday swing from his Mama and Papa.  He loves it!

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  1. Way to go Bmen! Looking forward to taking a ride in/on both of them...they look amazing! xo