Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Anchorage Photo Journal.

We spent five days in Anchorage last week -- appointments, shopping, errands, special time with cousins and Ever got to go to ballet "camp".  It was five days in a row of two hour classes.  She had never been to any kind of classes, dance or otherwise, so it was a real treat.  I didn't know how she would do, but thankfully she loved it.  She made it the whole week, excited to get to class.  She even got to take a short 30-minute music class each day after ballet.  It was a super special time.
:: Glacier View has quickly become a necessary stop on our trips to or from Anchorage ::

:: Everbody is getting bigger ;) ::

:: We got to hang with Grampa and Grama in Anchorage too.  And she loved that they came to watch her in class. ::

:: Little Ballerina ::

:: Trip to the zoo with cousins ::

:: Sportin' love from her Nebraska cousins ::

:: Tell and I had special bakery dates at 'The Flying Dutchmen' while Ever was in class ::

:: My friend Ashley stopped by one night to take some photos of the kiddos.  Look at poser there ;)  ::

:: Ever is getting handy with the camera -- she shot this of Ashley and I. Pretty good! ::

:: Getting the hang of things on Day 4 ::

:: Final Day.  I've been catching her winking in lots of pictures, must take after her Aunt Stacey! ::

:: Another Ever photo of her handsome little brother ::

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  1. Lovely photos all around! Way to go Ever! ....that's handy! :)